Mawson Green Stage 1 is the entry statement in the heart of Meadows.

Complete with wetland planting, amenity grassed areas and walking trail the reserve becomes a highly functional open space.

CLS delivered the project to meet the Devine deadline and delivered to project to budget. The result is a highly functional playground that meets all safety requirements and is extremely visually appealing and is enjoyed by the local community.

Stand out feature elements including custom design shelter, timber decking, bluestone walling and feature bridge were critical elements in the construction process. The high degree of complexity associated with these elements required careful planning to ensure that the quality required was achieved.

CLS stone masons completed the bluestone walling whilst specialist subcontractors were engaged to complete the custom steel fabrication, gabion walling and carpentry works. CLS achieved a high-quality outcome for the client, all within the budget and critical timeframes.

Installed across the site were 26,604 plants, 1050m2 of pathways, 6000m2 of turf, 72 Lin M of Gabion Fencing, 9 pieces of furniture, 7 pieces of Play equipment, 20 Lin M of walling. The site was maintained by CLS for 52 weeks after practical completion.